Make your cyberlife at GCC a bit easier...

>Sophos Freedom!

GCC has decided to use Sophos Antivirus on their computers. That's all well and good until you're out of range of wireless and Sophos decides to make one of its every-15-minute updates, and ALUpdate.exe starts eating 100% of your CPU time trying to find a server that isn't there. You have a couple of options.

>Fix Thunderbird!

My math professor complained that my Mathemetica assignments were being sent inline with the rest of the email, and he had to copy-paste the contents out by hand. A quick email to myself confirmed this. Turns out Thunderbird embeds "text" (non-binary) attachments inline by default. The fix is relaticely simple.

In Thunderbird:
  1. [Menu] Tools > Options
  2. [Section] Advanced
  3. [Tab] General
  4. [Button] Config Editor
  5. for "Filter", type "content"
  6. double click on "mail.content_disposition_type" so that its value becomes "1"
  7. [Close]
  8. [Ok]

>Virtual CDs!

I was deeply saddened to find that my tc4200 Tablet (though a nice techno-bauble) has no internal optical drive. A great tragedy, to be sure. A few small utilities later, life can continue.